Email marketing refers to the process of sending electronic messages through the internet to drive more sales. Marketers should do more things with less money. They should connect with the target audience in an extremely personalized manner, and at the same time, stay on budget.
Companies started to use email marketing not long after the advent of the internet. Email marketing has grown a lot since that time, and it is a very useful tool for marketing even today. So it is easy to see why over one-third of American retailers regard email marketing as one of the best customer acquisition strategies.
Email marketing may have become slightly old compared to some of the other ways of marketing, but it is still popular because most people use email. So, marketing through this channel enables reaching out to a good deal of internet consumers, including even those without social media profiles.
Are you not using email marketing? If not, you have to consider it to reach a broader audience and make your relationship with customers stronger. This is a point we have highlighted in our post on how email marketing is beneficial to businesses.
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