Do You Want To Improve Sales With Better Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy

People make use of emails so as to connect to their near and dear ones. Businesses use emails to get in touch with people who can benefit from a solution to their problems that the business has to offer.

Although the rise of social media in the past few years has been beyond the roof, email marketing is estimated to be 40% better when it comes to acquiring new customers. In other words, if you are a small business then email marketing gives you the best return on your investment!

Making use of the right email marketing strategy and implementing effective email marketing ideas is the only way to break out of the mold and stand out from the crowd…or more appropriately, your inbox.

We shall be taking a look at some of the email marketing ideas with which we can improve sales and reach with these:

Give Away Something Valuable

Don’t focus on numbers and the number of people on your Email subscribing list. How many of them have resulted in you making sales? Having 10,000 people in your emailing list means squat, if only less than 0.1% of them are making a buy.

Don’t focus on the quantity, and instead on the quality. Decide on what quality of content and information you can give using your email. If they find it interesting to pursue further, they will click the hyperlink to reach your website where you can engage them more. If you are giving away valuable pieces of wisdom, then there is a higher chance that they will be willing to interact with your firm more.

Optimize For Mobile Users

Mobile is the new thing. It will continue to be so for as far as the eye can see.

The death of desktop PC is looming, with sales reducing year-on-year.

One the other hand, mobile phone usage has skyrocketed in the recent decade and there is no sign of reducing.

People are shifting to mobile phones. Chances are that they will be viewing your emails on their phone screens and not their 15” desktop screens. Make sure that the emails that you send are optimized to be easily viewed and read. All of the pictures and text should line up, the way you intended for the readers to view it.

Customers are more likely to read something if it fits their screen properly. Wouldn’t you like that as well?

Implementing these two tricks can make a significant change in your email marketing efficiency and increase sales. When it comes to email marketing, doing less is really more.

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