Email Marketing Vs Traditional Mail Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing, you have two choices, you can either stick on to the traditional methods to market your business or adapt to the changing trends in the world of marketing. The world of marketing has expanded beyond the dramatized television commercials and huge cut outs and posters placed at public places.

Advanced digital marketing helps businesses connect with potential customers faster and easier. This session makes a comparison of email marketing and traditional marketing mails.

What Is email Marketing?

The act of sending a marketing message to a large group of people is termed as email marketing. The primary focus of the email marketing tactic is gaining brand awareness and increasing the interaction of the viewers with the business as well as improving the customer relationship.

What Is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing/traditional mail marketing involves the delivery of printed promotional material in the form of newsletters, brochures, coupons etc to the target audience.

Email Marketing Vs Traditional Mail Marketing

Here is a brief comparison of email marketing and traditional mail marketing based on various crucial parameters.


Being one of the least expensive media channels, email marketing has less associated costs. All you need is an email account, a well formed marketing message, a list of target audience and their email ids.

When it comes to traditional mail marketing, things aren’t that simple because there is a lot of work required to launch a perfect mail marketing strategy. Businesses have to handle the costs associated with designing, copy writing, writing as well as sending the materials through mail.

Response Rates

Response rates in traditional mail marketing mail is lower than email marketing even though it cannot be denied that not all people will show a positive response towards marketing emails. Irrelevant marketing emails end up in the spam folder while recipients finding a marketing mail irrelevant is going to drop it into the trash can for sure.

Speed Of Delivery

The speed of delivery is one factor that differentiates traditional mails from emails as the latter takes hours or even a few days to reach the recipient whereas the former reaches the target audience within a few seconds.

Ease Of Tracking The Results

Analyzing the results of the marketing is important, as it enables businesses to make necessary changes to their marketing strategy to serve their profit goals. By integrating effective email marketing emails with web content management systems, you can track the delivery of the email, number of times the recipient opened etc. When you choose traditional mail marketing, knowing how effective it was is quite difficult unlike email marketing.

How profitable a business is and how long it is going to remain in the competitive business world is determined by the quality of the products and services it offers as well as the reach it has among the audience that is largely dependent on the effectiveness of marketing plans.

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