The Pros And Cons Of Email Marketing

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business, big or small. To make your potential target customers aware of your services/ products, to effectively sell your products, to analyse your competitors etc. is what marketing is all about. One way to build a large listing of prospect customers is by Email marketing

Email marketing

Should you or should you not? The last thing you want to come across to your customers is to be spammy. Even you would be irritated by the spam email that comes in truckloads to your email’s inbox. The same is for your customers as well! But for thousands that find your emails spammy, ten or so would find it relatable. For small businesses, the method of email marketing remains to be one of the more effective marketing strategies that is easy to manage and easy on the wallet. But before we jump head first and praise it, we need to look at it from both sides.

Let us weigh the pros and cons of email marketing

Why You Should Go For Email Marketing: The Pros

  • It Is An Inexpensive Way To Connect To Your Target Customers

Email marketing is without doubt an easy, cost effective way to reach out to your customer, letting them know of what is happening new with your firm. If you are somebody who has flair in writing, and know the right words to put in an email, then you can cut short the expenses even further. Even if you were to make use of a client management application, you can still put out many thoughtfully well-crafted emails with as little of an investment as humanly possible.

  • Makes For A Personalized Connection

This is a good approach if you want to build a strong connection with your customers. It is all about how much further you can go to learn about what the customer needs; helping you to co-create the product with you. This also helps make the job for your PR team easier, as this will help create a positive image for your brand, build trust and increase revenue.

  • It Allows You To Launch Fast

The problem with other modes of advertising and marketing is that it requires one to design, produce and then distribute through various mediums. An email on the other hand can give just the right amount of detail about your service/ product and can be sent in mere minutes. Like they say, time is money and this could be the difference needed to get ahead of your competitors.

  • You Can Data Capture Very Easily

Data, lead generation and analytics are vital aspects that are invaluable to your business. This helps you “learn about your customer”. Emails let you capture and analyse the wealth of information that you have access to whenever someone opens your email and interacts with it.

Pros Cons
An affordable way to market Difficult to get their attention
Allows you to personalize The wrong strategy will do more harm
You can launch quickly Your message may become convoluted
You can learn about your customers well Easy to unsubscribe from

Why You Shouldn’t Go For Email Marketing: The Cons

  • People Might Not Give A Damn

It becomes very easy to not get their attention! If your subject head is not enticing enough, they will simply glance over to the delete button and press it. It is important to stand out given the large volume of emails that they receive. You will need to create engaging, personalised message to get their attention!

  • The Wrong Email Marketing Strategy Will Utterly Break You

Since the competition is so high when it comes to email mode of marketing, a hastily made email will cause them to get the wrong idea of what your brand is trying to communicate. You will have to employ a thoughtful approach to prevent this from happening.

  • Your Email Will Feel Impersonal If Done Wrong

There is no denying the fact that human interaction is lacking in email marketing. Your target audience will feel like you are only there to sell them something, because there are no faces, no human emotion that can be efficiently relayed through text. Your customers will read your email in more than one voice in their head. Remember to always focus on creating a human touch in your emails the best you can.

  • They Can Switch You Off With A Flick Of A Finger

Although you may have scoured through multiple sources and invested plenty to generate the leads, your target audience can make all that worthless with a simple click of the unsubscribe button. If you are simply spamming messages and not focusing on quality, instead quantity then don’t be surprised when they disappear.

Final Thoughts

Effective email marketing should not be hurried and must be thoughtfully constructed. A balance of email marketing with other forms will do wonder for your business.

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