Tips To Get Your Email Marketing Game On

Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing has gotten a bad rap in recent years. The first thing that pops in the mind of many, when they hear of promotional emails is spam. Rubbish email. Many of the marketers have been wooed by the social media marketing campaigns. There is no denying that social media marketing when done right can get a lot of media attention.

But to say that email marketing is a relic of the distant past would be blatantly ignorant of you.

Why else is email marketing a $12 billion industry? Must be doing something right, wouldn’t you say?

If you are someone who is suffering from a lack of effective email marketing strategies, then you are at the right place!

Email Newsletter Can Be Great

Let’s face it- most of the newsletter that reaches your virtual inbox is crap. Many brands and companies see it as a way to push sales. People subscribe to email newsletters because they want to know the news and not your sales pitches. They want to learn something of value. When they are interested to look in further, there is a CTA button right on the mail to sail them to your website.

Do not turn your email newsletter into a promotional parade of you tooting your own horn! Potential customers hate it, and they will leave.

Social Media And Email Marketing Work Hand-In-Hand

Social media advertising can be a way of expanding your audience base. From there on email marketing can be used to monetize on the gains and engage your audience. The email listing expands as more people see and hear you, and from there on you can engage them in a variety of ways. Say, take them to your ecommerce website, request a callback or just about any other CTA.

Email marketing has a sense of a personal touch. Something that social media marketing is yet to attain.

If You Are A Small Business Then Email Marketing Is For You

There is a belief that email marketing requires a whole department worth to run the campaigns. Email marketing strategies can be implemented in your basement if you so choose to do so. Unlike social media marketing, you don’t need deep pockets to advertise and apply paid ads to make noise in the community. It costs you close to nothing if you have a sufficiently large email subscribing list and is the perfect addition for small businesses that are in the stages of growth.

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