Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know!

Email Marketing Campaign
Email Marketing Campaign
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy

Your email marketing strategy might be hitting into a brick wall, with nothing promising turning up. We have all been there! There are some surprising ways to get around that issue, and reach out to interested prospects and convert. Most of these simply involve understanding the value and the need of the customer. If you are able to think like one, there is very little stopping you from persuading one!

Here are some of the best tips for you to add into your email marketing campaign. Read on…

The Best Content Is Often Free

Everyone loves freebies. Giving things out free is a way to reward customers for giving their time to you. Now it is true that your time is just as valuable as theirs, but it is their attention that you are requesting. Every time they refer a friend or another contact, add in some freebies- A 5% discount coupon that they can apply on selected items, perhaps.

Make sure you don’t shy away from giving out freebies and make it a habit in your email marketing strategy.

Make Sure Your Email Is Optimised To Be Viewed On The Phone

Email accounts opened on mobile phones makes a sizeable chunk of all the emails- around 47% as per a recent survey. The reason prospects are not viewing your email could be that it looks wonky on the phone, or maybe not pleasing and difficult to read with just one hand holding the phone. Here are some quick fixes:

  1. Increase the font size for easy readability.
  2. Convert all of the emails to a one-column template- this way one could scroll through it using just their thumb.
  3. Make the call-to-action clear and obvious-say requesting a call-back request or booking an appointment.

Email Reigns Over Facebook And Twitter

Don’t look the other way towards social media marketing. Email has a much higher penetration rate, with a good percentage of all internet users having an email account. If you don’t invest in a sound email marketing strategy, you will be missing out on millions of customers that are reachable through this medium.

A mix of social media, search engine marketing and email marketing is the need of the hour. Give good weightage to each subset of digital marketing to be able to reach out to a wide target audience. It is true that targeted marketing is still missing in email marketing, but let that not dissuade you from the fact that it is tried and tested!

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