Important Points To Improve Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy

The most important point that you must remember in marketing is that it is not about you, and often businesses seem to forget this in their advertising campaigns. Keeping this in mind, every successful marketing campaign keeps the audience at the core of all efforts. This helps to build the reputation of businesses and attract new customers. This is usually followed by an email marketing campaign to retain existing customers. Here, we will focus on points to increase email engagement of your customers; read on to know more about them.

The Focus Of Email Marketing Campaign

In an email marketing campaign, you must ensure to give an amazing experience from the moment customers subscribe to your email list. This also avoids the necessity for more future reengagements. But you must know that the engagement varies from person to person. So, you should check the audience engagement metrics from time to time to optimize the email marketing strategy accordingly, and shared below are the various factors that you must consider for this.

The Percentage Of Respondents To Emails

It has been found from surveys that less than 30% of people open at least half of their emails. More than 40% of people open less than half of their emails, while 18% of people rarely open their emails. Keeping this in mind is useful as it helps you to focus on those who open emails based on the email benchmark of your industry, and ensures a healthy email open rate.

The Type Of Emails People Respond Or Open

Listed below are the different types of emails that people are most likely to open, the first being the most likely to open and the last being least likely to open.

  • Personal emails
  • Discount, promotional, or sales of a familiar brand
  • New product launch from a brand that you purchase regularly
  • The weekly newsletter that you anticipate
  • Discount, promotional, or sales of an unfamiliar brand
  • Personalized or tailor made content specifically targeting you
  • Tips and tricks for lifestyle improvement
  • Emails with a catchy subject line
  • Information about products or industry that you are interested in
  • Email from a blog that you subscribed to or following

It is obvious from the above list that people are more likely to open your email when they are familiar with your brand. So, brands must put effort to cultivate affection with their customers. This can be done by including a personalized welcome message, brand introduction, and a mission statement so that customers can know you better.

On a final note, to increase the success of an email marketing campaign, companies must create a feeling of openness and personal correspondence in the emails.

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