Email Marketing: How To Add More Contacts To Your Client List?

Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Despite the strong influence of social media, bots and apps in the world of digital marketing, email marketing still has its place. But the marketing strategy isn’t immune to criticism because of its performance flaws that are evident from click rates and open rates that are low in some marketing emails. If there is a problem, there should be a solution to it. One solution is to add more contacts to your email marketing list.

How To Add Contacts To Your Client List?

 Expanding your client list is not an easy task. Here we summarize the popular strategies that are used to add contacts to your client list.

Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaign 

If your contacts are mostly inactive, you should put in some effort to make sure the contacts stay subscribed and show interest in making purchases. For that, the content that you create should be of high quality and include social sharing buttons.  Promoting email content in social media helps you reach your goals in a shorter length of time.

Launch New Lead Generating Offers

Giving offers that blend well with the interests of the readers will give a major boost to your conversion rates. For example, you can prepare something like a guide or case study and ask the readers to register by giving their email addresses to get the full document.  Adding new widgets to your website will earn you more subscribers.

Make Use Of Social Media In The Best Possible Way

The power of social media in influencing the buying decisions of people should necessarily be acknowledged.  You can make announcements of special offers on Facebook that require readers to provide their email address. You may also add call-to-action on your Youtube channel.

Work On Your Website

Your website design can help immensely in getting contacts of readers who could be future customers. Ensure that every page of your website has links that capture the email signups. Consider allowing guest blogging from registered users.

Use Two Or More Marketing Channels In Combination

Adopting modern ways of marketing by abandoning traditional marketing channels altogether is never a good idea. In fact, traditional marketing channels are very effective in collecting contacts. You can increase your email database through conferences, trade shows, meet-ups, education panels and similar events.

Work With A Partner Organization

By forming a partnership with another organization, both parties involved in the partnership can reach their marketing targets quicker. You can run a marketing campaign on the partner’s website or host some event that requires registration with an email address. Collecting enough contacts is the first step in email marketing. The marketing personnel will then study the contact group and launch personalized marketing campaigns for them.

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