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The first email was sent in the year 1971. From that time, a lot of changes came into the communication system. Emails are an easy and economical mode of communication that is also fast and reliable. These benefits of internet communication have been utilized by many marketers since it got popular. Even if we don’t recognize much change, there is a huge evolution in the field of email marketing services such as follows.

Before 1990

The first ever email was sent by a computer programmer named Ray Tomlinson through the network system called ARPANET. This network is considered as the ancestor of the modern day internet. Even though it took time, the internet became popular among the people during the 1990s and AOL is the first service provider who gave access to email facilities to the common people. Just like most of the present social media, the first email services were also having a closed communication.

After 1990

During this time, the email services became popular among the people. Many platforms like yahoo and Hotmail also came during this period. After the 1990s the email services became open, that is, people were allowed to send and receive emails not only from the same platform but from the other platforms also. This is when email marketing companies started emerging. It also gave rise to a new segment of mails called spam mails.   

During 2000

Till the late 1990s or till the beginning of 2000, emails were only plain texts. At the beginning of the 21st century, the HTML based templates were created. This was utilized by marketers more than common people. They made their emails more attractive with this facility. It also helped them to design their emails to be more interactive.

After 2000

During this time another change happened in the segment of email. The advanced technologies gave rise to mobile email services. Even though it was first introduced in the Blackberry handsets, later Apple iPhone conquered the market with their email services. It was more attractive because they used both HTML and CSS to design their email platform.

Present Day

Presently, email marketing has become more popular than before. In the earlier stages, there was no specialization in email marketing. Now email marketing has become more complex because marketers are finding target consumers and are sending personalized emails as per their taste and preference. Currently, the consumers also have the facility to unsubscribe from getting marketing emails.  

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