How to Grow a Stagnant Mailing List

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Trends In Email Marketing
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Stagnant Mailing List

To benefit from email marketing as much as possible, you need to ensure that your email list stays fresh. A mailing list is made up of email IDs of subscribers. Many businesses find it difficult to retain subscribers and grow their audience pool. Unfortunately, many of them peak early and fail to overcome the excitement after launch. You need not fall into that trap.

When your business undergoes times such as this, you have to know whether your mailing list has turned stagnant. You have to look for many signs to determine whether it is the case. A sharp fall in engagement levels is the first indication of that. One measure of the way individuals interact with emails is email engagement. If you see a sharp fall in it, it is time to think about strengthening your email list. Here is how to generate leads and close relationship with your existing customers.

Segment Your List of Leads

Usually, consumers can be split into different groups based on their actions on your site or interests in your niche. If you wish to grow the list, then you have to segment inactive subscribers and send them specialized messages, which will draw their attention.

For instance, an inactive customer would open an electronic mail in the case you targeted him or her with an attractive headline. Now, what is such a headline? Consider it something people will naturally be drawn to, and thus are likelier to open the message.

If you wish to create sales out of your inactive email list, then you could just send customers a limited-period promotion with a very cheap discount. One is likelier to revisit your website and do business with you when you offer him or her 50% discount in return for their courteous act.

Target Mobile Toting Customers

One of the things that factor in a successful marketing campaign is mobile formatting. Studies reveal that 9.8% email opens occur on desktop, 28.3% in web-based email, and the rest on users’ mobile devices. That is to say, a big percentage of customers might be scrolling past every email you send them on a daily basis.

The inappropriate format could drive mobile device users to navigate off of your email and never come back to read it. Your goal should be to consider user experience when you format your email content, add photos and create headlines for it. Loading speed, call-to-action and how photos load vary between devices. When you are sending emails to those in your list, ensure that they can read these messages with no overlapping text or glitches.

Besides, your site should be mobile responsive. The quality of the message will not matter much to those who cannot view your website on a device.

Make an Enticing Lead Magnet

The term lead magnet refers to an incentive which marketers promise to leads in return for their contact information, such as email address. Using lead magnets to grow a stagnant mailing list is a good idea. If you wish to acquire new subscribers, then you should give a reason for them to subscribe to your email list.

Lead magnets can be seen as gifts that you give those who join your email list. For instance, those who have a marketing site would wish to offer consumers something in return that helps the latter master building customers. You could make an e-book tutorial that covers every step to troubleshoot something. This way, you can increase brand awareness, plus encourage people to subscribe to the list in return for that e-book.

When one falls for your lead magnet, set expectations so he or she can keep looking for your emails. Before that customer submits the email address, tell them that they will get special promotions and other content when they sign up. As a result, you will build your customer base.

Ensure Email Deliverability

Do this to confirm that you have done whatever you can do to give an added impetus to the stagnant list. It could be that it is not stagnant, but that your customers are not receiving your emails. Imagine using drip marketing only to find that every email you sent out reached the target’s spam folder.

Thankfully, you can take some precautions when you fine-tune your email deliverability. You will wish to check the email protocol you are using for the campaign. Use SMPT to better the odds of your emails reaching the intended person’s inbox. You can also use a spam checker, which grades your message and gives you chances to make it look much more legitimate.

A great way to communicate with customers, forge relationships and build your business is email marketing. When your business grows, you will need to reduce your list by removing subscribers who are not willing to open and read your emails. Most business leaders recommend pruning the list from time to time for a vibrant and healthy lead list.

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