Role Of Email Marketing In Building Your Business

Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing

The act of sending commercial messages, specifically to a group of people via emails is called email marketing. This is a frequently used marketing strategy for maintaining the relationship of the customers with brands and businesses and for encouraging repeat business and acquiring new customers.

The emails that are sent to the customers should have relevant, interesting and quality content; they should have a purpose and they should also be visually appealing. A marketing email has four parts – subject line, body copy, call to action (CTA), and sign off.

Subject Line

The subject line of an email gives the first impression about it, and not much time is needed to make it. Studies have found that there would only be nearly three seconds to capture the attention of a reader, which is often a glance. Therefore it is very important to make the three seconds count. Always make sure to keep the subject line of the e-mail created for marketing interesting and snappy which helps in making the reader open the mail.

You can take a critical look at your inbox to see what content is avoided by yourself.

Body Copy

Often, the calls to action and subject line are regarded as the pieces of bread of your email sandwich and body copy is regarded as the meat. Once you have got the attention of a reader with an attractive subject line, make sure to use the body of the email to share relevant, quality and industry adjacent content. Contents that seem more relevant will be shared more which helps in bringing the name of your brand to potential customers.

First of all, the subject line of your mail should be reinforced by the email copy. For example, if the subject line of your mail reads “10 Best Ways to Save Money Today,” then, your email must also contain ten ways in which your reader can save money.

Keep in mind that if use delivers a product after promising another thing, you are most likely to see customers unsubscribing you along with spam reports from unhappy customers.

Call to Action

When you share a blog post, you would definitely want people to go to the blog and read the content. The call to action should be something similar to “read more”. If people wish to download the content you have created, you would be showing them how and where to get it.

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