Tips on Mixing Email Marketing and Video Content

For nearly every business, video is the go-to content for marketing, so it is easy to see why they need nothing else. Video marketing has the potential to yield you whatever you want: engagement, traffic, you name it.

Still, it is not right to sacrifice all the things you know thus far and did before at the altar of video marketing. You can gain a lot through methods that have proven to work well. Take email marketing approach for example. It is a reliable and conversion-oriented way of marketing.

As per Statistics, 3.7 billion people actively use email, which just goes to show that individuals are carefully considering it even today. What’s better, nothing keeps you from reaping the rewards of effective email and video marketing together. Read on to get an idea about how you can achieve your goal.

Utilize Email Marketing With Video Thoughtfully

Do not use more than one idea as the main objective of your business. The email and the video should seem right with regards to your audience’s journey or should be part of an even bigger marketing campaign than your usual one. Avoid putting videos in email messages in the expectation that it will yield you a better outcome.

For example, you can utilize this marketing approach to welcome customers and bring your brand to their attention for the first time. Are you trying to reach out to potential clients? If you are, use a short video that describes who you are, what you do and how you can help solve your customer’s pain points. Make it a point to use emails and videos in context and pursue a single goal.

Choose the Right Kind of Videos

Not every video works in emails. It depends on the way you use videos. Although a professional animated production may be a good option to introduce a brand to people, it will not do for those who know you. For those people, testimonial videos or interviews with satisfied customers are better options to establish a connection of trust.

However, these videos will not work just as well when marketing to established clientele. So, you can choose helpful content (like FAQ videos) or light-hearted content (such as commercials or product videos). Putting the appropriate content at the right place and right time is important for a business’s marketing plan.

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