Tone and Voice: an Important Element of Email Marketing Efforts

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Having the right tone and voice in emails makes sure that you reach out to your target audience meaningfully and authentically. It may appear to be tricky initially, but it is not so when you understand the basics.

Voice versus Tone: The Difference

To put it simply, the voice in this context is your message, and tone refers to how you put it across to customers. The voice has to stay consistent right through your email messaging. To get your right voice, consider your company values and what you wish to communicate with your potential customers.

Conversely, the tone is the way of your email communication. People may take it as your attitude towards them. Just like that attitude, your tone can also change. The latter can be serious, whimsical or funny – if that is what you are attempting to communicate.

Finding Your Tone and Voice

Now that both are clearer, the next matter to address is how one does find the right tone and voice. It depends upon the objectives for both email marketing approach and brand on the whole.

If you are new to this form of marketing and require help with setting the elements that are appropriate for emails, we suggest writing some different emails with the same core message. Write your email in different voices and send it to your best customer with the stuff you would tell them regarding your offer.

When you are done with the writing part, see which email resonates with you the most. Which one represents your particular brand in the most authentic way and sounds most similar to it? This is what you are looking for.

Now, let us talk about the tone of your emails. Do you wish these to feel heartfelt, borderline silly or perhaps even objective? Again, try some different tones based on what you wrote earlier to find the voice and then do trial and error. For this experimentation purpose, send emails with those tones only to your best customers.

Once you have settled on the right tone and voice, write down both with some words which can serve as your mission statement. For example, your voice may be conversational, and tone may be funny. Note down this information and use it as a guideline when you write your marketing messages. This move will also help you be consistent in tone and voice, which is crucial in marketing.

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