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Email marketing can be defined as ‘the act of sending commercial messages, typically to a group of people, using email’. In simple words, any message sent by a company to their prospective or existing clients is regarded as marketing emails. However, the whole email marketing process can be challenging for small scale entrepreneurs since they will not have much time to spare or plan. They are most likely to be busy with promotions and announcements. However, you will need to put more effort to keep your potential customers and subscribers engaged.

In most cases, they might look forward to reading your commercial emails. This will stamp your business in their mind even if they are not yet prepared to invest in it. However, it is recommended not to send the same kind of emails to your subscribers every time. Rather, there are different types of marketing emails that you may consider to keep them engaged as well as to drive up your commercial sales. Below is a list of the common marketing email types that you may consider in this case.

Types of Marketing Emails

Marketing emails are mainly divided into two types; transactional emails and engagement emails. While the former gives your subscribers an insight into making and closing a business, the latter focuses mostly on storytelling. However, this doesn’t mean that the two options are mutually exclusive. In fact, you can find many engagement emails with some transactional elements in it. Consider this fact as well as you browse through the following list of marketing engagement emails.

Engagement Emails

As mentioned earlier, engagement emails focus mostly on storytelling. The main objective of such emails will be to make customers familiar with the brand rather than increasing sales. Sometimes, the customers will not have the intention to buy your products or services. Still, engagement emails can keep your subscribers engaged with your brand.

In simple words, you can make a relationship with your subscribers over time through engagement emails even if they haven’t purchased any of your products yet. This will boost your sales when you have some special offers. Furthermore, you can be more creative with these emails by embedding links, video and audio, attractive visuals, etc. Needless to mention, all such elements will work wonderfully to meet your business goals. Below is the list of engagement emails.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are the first emails that a business will send to their customers after the subscription or they confirmed their mail id, as the name indicates. Note that this is the first interaction that you have with your subscribers and hence, try your best to make it attractive and memorable. According to some studies, subscribers are most likely to click on welcome emails rather than other promotional emails. When you design welcome emails, highlight your brand name well.

Additionally, include offers such as free product trial, link to find locations nearby, welcome points, etc. In short, your subscribers must be able to understand the aesthetics and voice of your venture or brand after reading the email. Furthermore, welcome emails can be considered as transaction email as well since they are highly engaging. In fact, many studies report that the revenue and transaction rate of welcome emails are higher than other transactional emails. This is why most welcome emails offer free shipping or discount deals to their new subscribers.

Tips Emails

Apart from welcome emails, you must also send tutorial emails to your subscribers that are informative and instructive. Make sure that the tutorials are relevant to your products. Usually, this type of email includes tips and tutorials. Similarly, you can either make it simple or detailed depending on the type of products and customer requirements. For instance, if you own a makeup company, you can give instructions or tips to put makeup in a way that it lasts longer or makeup tutorials or tips to match different occasions.

When it comes to instruction emails, it is ideal to familiarize people with your products. Try to craft it in a way that your customers can identify how your service can help them in addressing their issues or meeting their goals. Along with the instruction email, attach links to associated videos and customer review videos. Additionally, you can offer any of your products for free on their first purchase to include a transactional element. Try to provide this information at the end of your tutorial video. Note that it is not always necessary to attack a tutorial or tips video link. Rather, you can provide an illustration as well regarding the application and usability of your products.

Customer Stories

This is one of the strongest engagement emails since it is created by studying or interviewing your customers. Since they are likely to give unbiased feedback, new subscribers will be more interested in it and will be able to connect easily. In the stories, you can include the journey of your loyal customers with your brand, their success stories, experiences, their unique tips to other buyers, etc.

This type of stories can be either a picture or a video posted by your consumers. In fact, many businesses reported around a 35% hike in their content engagement once they started posting customer stories on their blogs. Brand stories and re-engagement emails are other common types of engagement emails.

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