Types Of Transactional Email

Write An Email Marketing Copy
Write An Email Marketing Copy
Effective Email Marketing
Effective Email Marketing

Marketing email is a quite popular marketing strategy that contributes to giving necessary boost to businesses. They are broadly divided into two main categories, namely engagement emails and transactional email that serve different purposes. Engagement emails are intended to engage the people with a brand and adopts a storytelling style that gives scope for including creative elements. Transactional emails are more of updates on customer orders and their ultimate objective is initiating or closing a sale.

What are the Different Types of Transactional Emails?

Cart Abandonment Reminders

People who do a lot of online shopping must be quite familiar with these kinds of emails which is a common marketing strategy used by online shopping platforms. Sometimes potential customers that visited an online shopping store add items to their cart but do not go ahead with the purchase. The cart is more or less abandoned and the online shopping platform starts sending out cart abandonment reminders.

 A good reminder must have a compelling content that reminds the customer about the need to complete the sale.

Time Sensitive Promotions

Emails sent out for time sensitive promotions include details of attractive offers that will end soon and the emails might  mention the limited availability of a special product or the discount given only for a short time.

While using these kinds of emails for promotion, the subject line should clearly mention the email’s time sensitive nature to compel people to select the email from bulk of the emails they get every day. Unless the deadline of special offers is specially mentioned in the subject line, people will not feel the urge to open it as soon as they see it in their inbox.

Receipt Emails

Receipt emails have become quite a standard and are sent out after a customer finishes the transaction. Even though the purpose of the receipt email is acknowledging the purchase, they can be designed in a way that helps in bringing in additional returns.

In the case of digital products, customers are likely to use it immediately after purchase and including a review link in the receipt email will help in getting quicker feedback. Adding coupon codes that can be used in the next purchase helps in getting repeat customers and another effective email marketing strategy is the display of related products in the receipt email to increase the chances of further purchase by customers.

Transactional emails are quite short when compared to engagement emails but the content of a well formed transactional email is an integral part of email marketing strategy which is powerful enough to make notable differences in business sales.

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