Upgrading Email Marketing Strategy For 2020

Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Campaign
Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has had more staying power than all other marketing tools. As the most recent marketing gimmicks fail, the email marketing strategy can be relied on for some fresh business. Even so, if you are utilizing the same strategy you did a decade before, you are missing out on new ideas. Today’s spam filters do a great job of sorting out both malicious electronic mails and spams.

If your email content template is from ten years before, your messages will go to the spam filter. Furthermore, a person with security awareness is likely to consider messages from an anonymous sender suspicious. Too many viruses and phishing attempts are attached to electronic emails, so there is a need for a fresh approach to the email marketing strategy this year.

Work On Audience-Centric Content

There should be a consumer-centric approach while making emails in 2020. This means giving customers useful and pertinent details. Sending marketing messages without relevant content to a large group of people will mean that these will go to the spam folder.

An email marketing campaign is beyond just marketing today. Your message should have the promise to make the client life better somehow. Sending an irrelevant marketing message to a big pool of audience will waste your time and theirs.

Make an effort to segment the list of subscribes before every single email marketing campaign. The aim should be to group the ones having similar requirements together. You have several ways to perform this. For instance, you could group subscribers by age, income, location, last purchase, and marital status.

Discover the way which makes the most sense, and make a personalized campaign for every single group. Then, take a further step and perform the same thing when making non-marketing messages. For instance, a woman may like a short clip that shows how to wrap a cloth around her newborn. A teenaged person may value an online review of Xbox games’ new version. The content has to speak to a requirement in the target audience’s life.

Take a further step by customizing the form of email content to fit the audience segment. For instance, a teenager may prefer to see a short clip. Conversely, an older person with slower internet may want to see a text-only content.

Work on your methods to obtain more details about your target customers. By knowing them better, creating impressive email content will be much easier for you.

Send Out a Moderate Number of Email Blasts

As per Statista’s data, over 3.8 billion users of the email were there as of 2018 end. At that time, people across the world delivered or received over 281 billion electronic mails. This amounts to around 73 messages per user daily. It is no surprise that individuals are quick to flag electronic mails as spam.

No matter how useful the details in your emails maybe, if you deliver an excessive number of messages, you are spamming the audience.  Sending an email once a week or biweekly is a good way to keep in touch with customers without flooding their inbox.

Use Content Made By Users

It is possible for you to use any information your audience makes. It may be a clip that one sent to you that shows them using your product. It may be an audio, video or text review of your product. Besides, think about using a product unboxing clip.

Showing that user-generated content to others will make the brand image stronger. Be sure to get that customer’s permission before you publish the content. This way, you are showing that you value what the customer thinks about your product.

You need not stick to information associated with your goods. For instance, consider using a clip of a fun-run as part of marketing. Just think out of the box when it comes to this; ask the audience to submit their local friendly-race clips. Create a competition to turn this into a fun activity.

Make Interactive Electronic Mails

Interactivity helps keep the audience engaged, so it is important nowadays. The standard format of email is uninteresting. When the text is too long, readers may think that it is not worthwhile to read your message. To keep their interest, use interactive elements such as the following.

  • An interactive presentation, which the user can control
  • Animated call-to-action (CTA) buttons
  • Accordions (to make longer messages sound less overawing)
  • Rollover hyperlinks (to draw attention to other product features)
  • Surveys, fun quizzes and polls that people would find engaging

Final Thoughts

Your emails have to be audience-centric. Gone are the days of delivering generic emails to a large number of people. To get amazing results through email marketing this year, you should change the way in which you deal with your campaigns.

Making more targeted email marketing campaigns is extra work, but these messages are likelier to bring about sales.

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