Will Email Marketing Help Your Business In 2020?

Effective Email Marketing
Effective Email Marketing
Effective Email Marketing
Effective Email Marketing

As times change so does our marketing techniques. But what astonishes us is how email marketing, which has been present in the marketing field for over two decades still managed to have survived through great innovations including the wave created by social media. Many experts even predicted the doom of email marketing!

Ever since the first email was sent out in the year 1971, it has been the corporate messenger sending across formal information and greetings without much space for pretentiousness.   It might be this, along with a string of other reasons that still keep the email marketing alive. 

Effective email marketing is used to leverage sales, gain new customers and make the old customers feel worthy so that they don’t leave. Email marketing provides us with the option to choose the strategy we use to approach our customers-

Commercial- this strategy is used to announce offers or introduce new products to the customers. It is the oldest type of email marketing.

Loyalty- this type of email marketing is meant to retain and improve the relation of the brand with its customers. 

Informational- these types of emails are used to spread information regarding their future events or get feedback on their products and services.

Location- this strategy is used to inform the customers about their store and prompt them to visit it.

The base of effective email marketing is that it is sent to only a handful of people who have opted for the emails. That is, emails from a brand only reach those people who have subscribed to it. Unlike, social media where every customer, interested or not, has to see the content. Moreover, subscribers do not have to engage by reading it. If not interested they can ignore or delete the mail without wasting their time.

What Do Statistics Say About How Fruitful Email Marketing Is?

According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media marketing. It also says that the buying process happens three times faster in email marketing than in social media. 

Moreover, another website said that 92% of internet users have email accounts. And according to another survey by Channel Preferences, 91% of them access their email at least once a day. Also, many still prefer receiving business information via email. 

These statistics say the story about how email marketing ideas are growing and strengthening its roots even in 2020.

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