All That You Should Know About Engagement Emails

Building a strong online presence is quintessential in ensuring the growth of your business even if you do not sell your products online. Email marketing has been a relevant digital marketing strategy for several years and two types of marketing emails are transactional emails and engagement emails.

In this session we are going to discuss engagement emails in detail.

What Is The Purpose Of An Engagement email?

Engagement emails set branding and storytelling as their primary goal, and are not directly involved in making a sale, although the efficacy of engagement emails will reflect in the sale volume. Content writers have the freedom of being more creative with this type of emails as they can add links, videos and images to the mails.

Types Of Engagement emails

Welcome emails

The first email that the subscribers receive after they confirm their email address is the welcome email, and as it is the first interaction of the customers with your brand, creating it in an attractive way is important to impress the customers. Analyzes suggest that the probability of subscribers opening welcome emails is higher than the probability of them opening other promotional emails.

Tutorial emails

Tutorial emails are sent to the customers to educate them about your products and familiarize them with your brand. Instructional emails are especially useful when the customers aren’t educated enough about the ways your business can help them attain a goal.

When you teach the customers something new, they can associate with your brand more, thereby helping to establish brand loyalty.

Customer Stories      

You can generate customer stories by studying your customers or interviewing them, and the customer stories include the personal stories of customers, their experience with your brand and so on.

As the stories are from other customers, this will help building a sense of community helping the customers identify with other buyers.

Brand Stories

Customer stories discuss about your brand from the perspective of the customers but brand stories are different. They come from your team and works best if your brand uses a compelling personal story. Studies suggest that customers who have read brand stories are likely to respond to the brand positively, and might become willing to pay more for the product.

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