Things You Need To Know About Diamond Prices

Diamond Prices
Important Diamond Facts

The costliest gemstone is a specific blue colored diamond, costing almost $4 million for each carat, as per Finances Online. Diamonds are undoubtedly the priciest gemstones in the world. Have you ever wondered what makes a diamond such a valuable product? One of the reasons is that it occurs naturally. The rarer the diamond, the pricier it will be. Speaking of price, here are some interesting facts regarding diamond rates. For more information about diamonds, you can visit the education section of too.

Diamond Price Facts

  • Diamond prices see an exponential rate of increase as the weight of the gemstone goes up. A diamond weighing two carats costs around four times more than a one-carat diamond, but it appears only 60% larger in the face-up view.
  • The prices of diamonds are set on a per-carat basis. Half carats and whole carats are likely to cost much more than diamonds weighing just a shy below these points. This is why you should seek a diamond weighing just below a whole carat. For instance, not many can tell apart a 0.90 carat and 1 ct diamond, but by choosing it, you will be able to save much money.
  • A brilliant diamond can mask flaws and color, so do not skimp on the cut of it. The better the cut, the more stunning the diamond will be. Of the four diamond characteristics, the cut is more important because it can influence the light performance of the stone, and hence, the price.
  • The clarity grade is not all that important. All you need is an eye-clean diamond, meaning, one with imperfections that cannot be seen with the naked eye. All diamonds have inclusions, but the flaws can be seen only in some of these stones. As per our experts, VS2 diamonds provide good value for money.
  • Diamonds that fluoresce are retailed at a discounted price. There is a negative association with these types of diamonds, hence the price reduction. Almost usually, however, fluorescence enhances a diamond’s color appearance. To be more precise, a fluorescing diamond with a relatively lower color grade will appear better than it is.
  • Round brilliant cut diamonds are the priciest gemstones. A different diamond cut, or a fancy-shaped diamond, can cost up to 40% less than the round brilliant stone.

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