When Is Crown Royal Peach Going To Be Available?

Crown Royal Peach is the name of a peach-flavored whisky, launched back in March 2019 as a ‘limited-edition’ product. In other words, only a specific number of Peach whiskies were released at that time for the then summer season. Back then, we were all informed that it would be available online for a limited period.

The product was launched at a retail cost of just $24.99 per 750 milliliters bottle. The Peach Crown Royal price sounds reasonable.

People are wondering when the next batch of it will be available in the market. We are still not sure about that, but the product is available online for the time being. The company that owns the Crown Royal line of whiskies, Diageo, informed that the precise availability and price may differ from store to store. However, they did not state the exact number of Royal Peach bottles that would be available for this limited-edition launch.

Where Is It Available?

You can Google the keyword ‘Crown Royal Peach near me’ to know whether it is available in your state. After searching for it online, open the first listing that appears on the search results. It will take you to the Crown Royal website, where you can search the availability further with your city name or ZIP code. This will help you to find specific retail locations where the whiskey is available.

An easier way to buy it would be to go to ecommerce websites that sell liquor. There are many liquor stores online that has Royal Peach for sale. Some of these are offering discounts too, but note that the supply might not last for a long time. So be sure to take advantage of the available offers online by purchasing the whisky before the stock ends.

Diageo is the biggest manufacturer of liquor in the world. The Canada head office of Diageo is in Etobicoke. The portfolio of it has an array of branded wines, beers, rums, vodka, stout, and whiskies.

You can drink Royal Peach with ice cubes or iced tea. Packaged at 35% alcohol by volume, it represents the best of Canadian whisky.

“As a leader in the whisky business, Crown Royal continues to take pride in ensuring we are ahead of the trends and creating high-quality products that help feed whisky drinkers’ desire to experiment,” stated Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President (SVP) of Diageo’s Whiskeys Portfolio in North America.

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